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The Be Well programme is a unique resource commissioned by The Education Alliance, to increase mental health provision for children, staff and parents across schools in our Trust. The programme is made possible through close partnerships with several organisations and is made possible with the support of Pagabo.

The Be Well Programme consists of three elements:

Mind – The Whole School Approach for all children, parents and staff
SMASH (Social Mediation and Self Help) for secondary aged children
ELSA (Emotional Literacy) support for primary aged children
Deborah Dalton

Mrs Deborah Dalton

Alongside her role as Deputy Headteacher at Driffield School, Deborah is also the TEAL Be Well Lead.  She is an experienced pastoral leader and is passionate in her work to support young people build the life skills needed to develop resilience and achieve good wellbeing, now and in later life.

Deborah works closely with the Be Well leads across all the Trust schools to ensure our schools are mental healthy, inclusive places with the ability to provide support for all our users. 

Mind – The Whole School Approach

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This programme currently supports students, parents/carers and staff in our secondary schools and we are delighted to expand this to our primary schools from September 2023.

Our school communities are supported through a range of activities including:

Performance data and case studies for HEY Mind Provision

During the academic year 2021-22 (secondary provision):

secondary schools benefited from support
individuals across the 3 schools received some form of support
students were supported
parents supported through one to one support
members of staff across the 3 schools received support or used the drop-in service
students across the 3 schools received support through the drop-in service
Well-Being Ambassadors were trained
students completed the pupil resilience programme
students received bespoke through the Big Umbrella Programme

ntributed to the survey felt that the school their child attended supported them achieve good mental and wellbeing.

SMASH Provision

The SMASH (Social Mediation and Self Help) programme is an evidenced based programme that offers 1:1 support, Therapeutic Group, and family outreach.

A key part of the programme is to equip children, families and staff with strategies and tools to self-help now and in the future.

The programme utilises CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) systemic practice, restorative practice, and psychodynamic elements to work in the here and now with CYP and family’s needs through understanding their experiences in a relational way.

The SMASH Programme provides support via:

Bespoke 1:1 support for young people
Telephone updates and information sharing with parents and carers
Systemic working, meetings, discussions, consultations with the wider system
Home visits and face to face discussions with the family
Co-ordinated response to other services to support emotional wellbeing and offer consultation

Core areas of the SMASH programme are:




Sense of Belonging




Risk and Safety

Performance data and case studies for SMASH provision

Since the start of the provision in September 2019, 464 students across the Trust have been directly supported by this provision.

directly supported

ELSA in Primary Schools

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Our primary schools are also immensely grateful for the support provided to enable the delivery the ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) programme, This programme supports individual young people who require early help intervention for social, emotional and mental health support.